About Us

Hi, I'm Destiny May, a Life coach and Cosmetologist. 

My passion and purpose is to help women take   a leap of faith, push past every fear, and every  insecurity to live unapologetically. I work with  women, guiding them through life’s unchartered territories to find the love and life they desire and deserve!

 I focus on preparing the woman’s Mind, Body, and Soul for marriage.

  • Mind (Inner Healing, Identity, Purpose)
  • Body Fitness, Healthy Eating, Beauty(I’m a Hairstylist & Wig Maker)
  • Soul (Relationship with the Creator).

Through imparting God’s teachings and healing hearts, I have helped several women grow into what God created them to become the dream girl they always envisioned!

My story                                       

I was raised by 3 strong women who instilled an abundance of love in me, among them a hardworking single mother. Despite being gifted in various aspects, these women didn't pursue their dreams and maximize on their God-given talents.

I was exposed to toxic relationships from a tender age, and when I grew up, I found myself warped in the same web of toxicity. I fell pregnant by an abusive man, posing a risk on my life during my pregnancy. God had already told me this was not the man for me, but I was hardheaded. I remember praying to God for my husband to come because I was tired of the toxicity, and I wanted my daughter to grow up seeing true love. When my daughter was 10 months old, God revealed the man I would marry, although God still had a lot of work to do in me in preparation for my husband.

I put off my dream career to pursue nursing, but God spoke to me and nudged me to pursue my heart’s desire in hair care. So I did in 2017. I pushed past all of my fears and stepped out in faith despite the criticism from my only support system.

While navigating my relationships and career, God worked on my heart, he worked on my mind, my body, and my soul, guiding me to achieve the dreams I had long held in my heart.


Growing up being raised by women only, my heart gravitated towards uplifting and inspiring women to unravel their inner willpower so they can live a happier, confident and fuller life. I want you to thrive, to become your DREAM GIRL, THEN HIS!!